Braineet, the platform for innovative ideas for brands 


The concept


Sharing your ideas with your favourite brands could help to change the world. Thanks to Braineet, it is now possible.


Braineet, the platform for innovative ideas for brands

Braineet enables consumers and brands to develop a constructive, creative, and permanent dialogue and relationship. The platform bridges the gap between consumers and brands and helps companies to improve the quality of everyday products and services.

Innovate with your customers and employeesBraineet for customers

How does it work?  

  • Anyone can post their ideas directly on, either through the mobile application, or by using the integrated platform on a brand’s website. Each idea can be up to 140 characters and begins with the words ‘what if…’.
  • Other users can like and promote their favourite ideas to show that they agree, and can then continue to interact with the brand throughout development process until the ideas have been realised.
  • Ideas can be shared at any time either independently or by participating in Challenges run by a brand. These Challenges allow every member of the Braineet community to compete to win prizes and promote their best ideas.

Braineet, the platform for innovative ideas for brands


Thanks to Braineet, consumers are valued for their ideas, rewarded by their favourite brands, and help to improve the daily lives of millions by co-creating the world of tomorrow.

For brands, it presents an opportunity to achieve several key goals: to get closer to their customers; to develop a constructive, long-term, relationship with their customers; and to innovate more quickly with less risk.


Braineet, the platform for innovative ideas for brands


More than 100 brands have interacted with their customers through Braineet, including the likes of Auchan, Ax, Dove, Nespresso, Maille, Orange, Autolib, Price Minister, Decathlon, Taco Bell USA and even start-ups like Le Petit Ballon and Kudoz. Tens of thousands of ideas have been shared from more than 160 countries.


Our vision


Braineet wants to become the home of sharing innovative ideas and open innovation between brands and their customers. Braineet is available on the web, tablet and mobile app (Android & iOS) and offers anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to share the ideas that will enable brands to better understand their needs, optimise their services, and improve their products.


Vision of Braineet

What brands think of Braineet

What Meetic, Microsoft, Guerlain, Nespresso think about Braineet


The team


Jonathan Livescault Jonathan Livescault, CEO
Jonathan has always been a keen observer of the world around him. After graduating from ESSEC he advised large groups and SME’s on investment funds and strategy consulting. His father, a dentist, once remarked “what if there were green and red lights in car parks to help quickly find a place?”: and so Braineet was born.


Pierre Gourlaouen Pierre Gourlaouen, CTO

Pierre has always been passionate about technology and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He studied at EPITECH and HEC whilst working as a CTO with at his first start up. He was impressed by the ambition and possibilities of Braineet project and decided to make the move and join the world of Braineet!

Braineet counts Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini, and Jacques-Antoine Granjon as first investors following the 101 projects. Fancois Rousseau, co-founder of Price Minister, serves as an Advisor and BA.

It is time for everyone to have the power to change the world!


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